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Ways to earn higher reward points using your credit card

A lot of people these days use credit cards for their ease and convenience. People don’t need to worry about having money at every point; they can easily use their credit cards to make purchases and pay bills. The use of credit cards to make various transactions helps in earning credit card reward points which can be redeemed later. There are quite a few ways to get higher reward points by using your credit card. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Choosing the right credit card:

You need to select a credit card that suits your lifestyle and allows you with your daily purchases. With banks shelling out credit cards like anything, people have a large variety to choose from. You need to go for a card that pays off at least 1.5% on every purchase. It is thus important to do some quick research before selecting a credit card.

Signing up at the right time:

After you have decided which credit card you want to go for, it is important to learn when to avail it and when not to. Most banks and credit card companies release a limited period offer where the points received for registering are higher than other times. Signing up at the wrong time can cost you some significant amount of money in the form of rewards; so you need to keep in mind the right time and keep yourself updated.

Redeeming the points regularly:

A common mistake people make is to let the reward points accumulate, thinking that they would collect them in abundance, but this is a loss. The various credit card issuers increase points every year and hence keeping the old points uncollected may lead to a loss. It is advised to check the reward points regularly and utilize them.

Use online portals that offer cashback:

Whenever you make an online purchase, the chances of receiving reward points also increase. A lot of online portals like PaidKiya offer cashback and additional points. People should shop using these portals to get the maximum benefits.

Make the best use of bonus opportunities:

Credit card bonus is a great way to multiply the rewards. Most credit card issuers offer high cashback in every quarter in some categories. It is important to keep a track of official mails and other information the issuer sends to keep track of added benefits and opportunities.

Maximize benefits during the interest-free period:

Credit card companies typically offer an interest-free period on transactions between the ranges of 15 to 50 days. There is no interest charged, provided the outstanding is paid before the specified due date. Therefore it is wise to make the purchases at the beginning of the billing cycle as it provides a good time to repay the dues hence increasing the rewards.

A lot of companies have tie-ups with partner stores, restaurants, boutiques, and others. On paying using a credit card one can get accelerated rewards.

Compare awards for multiple cards: You can compare the rewards offered by various cards and often choose to have more than one credit card.

Consider gift cards: Gift cards are one of the most popular rewards. They are flexible and people can easily understand how much they are worth. Often, redeeming your points for gift cards rather than for merchandise can offer a better value.

Check out the specials: Companies often provide special offers for their reward programs. It is good to keep a track of it and make purchases accordingly to avail the best offers.

Combining your points with others: A lot of reward programs nowadays allow you to transfer your reward points to others. This often means that two people can share something which is not possible to get individually.

Spend on restaurants and bookings: Most of the credit card companies have tie-ups with several restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels. Paying at these places using your credit card helps you in getting more rewards. You can even choose to specifically opt for reward programs depending on your usage.

Portals like PaidKiya come in handy while getting reward points and users must make use of such portals to enjoy better reward points. Use your credit card wisely to avail the best benefits.

Credit Card to Bank transfer using paidkiya

Credit card to Bank transfer

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