Credit Card to Bank transfer using paidkiya

Best App to Transfer Money from Credit Card to Bank Account in India

We are planning to make a report on the Best App for Credit Card users for them to know the benefits that come along with the card. The majority of the people have some questions like “how to transfer money from credit cards to a bank account?” The app is a one-stop solution to all your queries. Moreover, many of them do not know the real use of a credit card and only use it for shopping purposes.

PaidKiya is an ideal solution for all the payment and transfer needs. It is India’s one of the unique Fintech Startup and comes as a blessing for all the credit cards owners. In addition, the app also offers multiple tools and leverage credit cards in the best possible way. With the app, you can complete payments for coaching, school, home, office rent, utility payments, contractors, real estate agents, freelancers, interior design & many more.

Benefits Of Paidkiya App

1. Send Payments Method 

There are many different benefits of using the Paid Kiya app.

Facilitating fast app payments further reduces time in the checkout list to increase client gratification. Furthermore, direct payment indicates that the consumers and clients have instant passage to in-store commodities or services. So that you can dispatch online orders out swiftly and hassle-free.

2. Accept payment method

Invoice payment: It’s uncommon to pay for goods or services furnished before a statement has been issued, with debts seldom settled spontaneously. Invoices warn consumers of the job performed or the assets provided.

3. Secure Payment

With Paid Kiya, credit card users have a secure payment gateway as they are all falling under the SSL and encryption process. Users should not worry as the platform is safe and protected. All transactions are safe and secured with the use of a 3D secure gateway user.

4. Easy Method

It is easy to use multiple credit cards of a single user with only one login ID. This is made possible with one national payment gateway partner. However, you can use more than one entry and can be used with credit cards in a limited way.

5. Simple KYC Process 

Paid Kiya follows the rules and regulations of the government and offers a platform for the verified users. Therefore, KYC (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER) is mandatory for all credit cards user. The ones who want to go the digital way to complete daily payments must also follow the in-app rules. The system is very simple and users will not be bothered at all.

Lastly, Paid Kiya accepts all the credit cards from the major Indian banks and offers a secure payment gateway for all.

Features of Paid Kiya:

With the new app, credit card users can pay for the following.

  •       Tuition and Coaching Institute
  •       School Fees
  •       Home Rent
  •       Office Rent
  •       Real Estate Agent
  •       Contractors Payment
  •       Utility Payments
  •       Freelancers
  •       Interior Design
  •       Gym
  •       Wedding Planner
  •       Many More

USP of Paid Kiya App

With the help of Paid Kiya, credit card users will be entitled to hassle-free payments as per the priorities. Don’t worry about limits as credit card users are all empowered by having a limit. We assist people with immediate payment with the use of a credit card. Let us see the USP of the Paid Kiya App.

      Quick and Safe: It is faster than calculating cash and you can easily receive and send payments within some minutes. The app is configured with a cutting-edge 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) so that the data is secure and only authorized people can access and handle the transactions.

      Additional Hardware not needed: If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to pay your essential bills, then Paid Kiya is something you must not miss. Along with bills, you can also take care of all your liabilities.  Presently credit cards will be a help anywhere, for anyone, and at any time. The app is the up-to-date technology, and secure approach to maintaining your regular liabilities, in an effective system. Therefore, it is easy to transfer money from Credit Card to Bank Account.

Best App to Transfer Money from Credit Card to Bank Account in India

Credit Card to Bank transfer using paidkiya

Credit card to Bank transfer

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