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How to Pay Rent through Credit Card in India

In today’s digital world you no longer need to depend on conventional methods like cash, bank deposits, cheques and other methods to pay rent. People can use their credit cards these days to pay rent as well. The main benefit of paying via a credit card is that you can get free credit period ranging between 20-50 days depending on the bank. A lot of people mostly the young generation is choosing to pay rent using credit cards and several transaction sites make this possible. PaidKiya is one such company taking care of all monetary transactions using all latest methods.

The benefits of paying rent using credit cards in India:

  • Gives the users free credit period on payment of rent.
  • You can earn reward points regularly as your rent payment will be regular.
  • Rent payment can be done very quickly without wasting your time. Using conventional methods would mean going to the bank and standing in long queues which is very time-consuming.
  • There is no requirement for the landlord to register for any kind of service to receive your online payments made using credit cards.
  • Paying using a credit card gives you a Digital Rent Receipt which comes in very handy for claiming HRA exemption during tax filings.
  • The payment is fast and secure and you have proof of it in case any landlord denies the fact that you have paid.

Process of paying the rent using Credit Cards:

There are many service providers like PaidKiya which allows you to pay rent using your credit card. The process is simple and very easy and takes up almost a negligible amount of time also giving you solid proof of payment.

Paying rent using your credit is simple and easy in today’s world of digital transactions.  To pay the rent you need a valid credit card, bank account details of your landlord, valid mobile number, and your email id.

Using PaidKiya you just need to follow a few simple steps and your payment will be done.

You need to register with PaidKiya by entering a few basic details like Name, Mobile Number, Email Id, etc. Once you are done you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number which you need to verify your account.

Next up when you are done with this and ready to pay you need to fill up the details of your landlord like his full name, mobile number, account number, IFSC code. You can choose the month you are paying for along with the details of the property you have rented, its type, the address and the amount you are supposed to pay. Once you are done filling up these details you can click on the option to pay.

You will now need your Credit Card to complete the transaction. You need to choose the option to pay with your credit card and enter the details like card number, expiry date and CVV. Once you are done you will receive the OTP from your card issuing bank and once you enter it your payment will be initiated.

Once your payment has been initiated, you will receive a receipt of the payment which will be generated and you can store it for any future use and as proof. The payment details will also be sent to you via email and SMS. The rent is generally credited within two working days of you initiating the payment.

PaidKiya allows you to not only complete the payment easily but also to keep a record of your transaction. In many cases, you may need to send the invoice of your payment to your company or employer to get remuneration or for other purposes. Using PaidKiya you can easily send the invoice in a just a few seconds. all you need to do is enter the details of where you want to send it like an email ID or mobile number and it’s done instantly. You can now easily show proof of your residence and get the remuneration you are supposed to get.

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A lot of people are benefitting by using credit cards to pay the rent and things have become simple and fast. It is the future and you should not waste time and start availing this brilliant service.

PaidKiya is India’s first and unique FinTech Start up, an special blessing for credit card owners, which offers various tools to leverage credit card in best possible way.

Most the People Have Question Like: How to Transfer Money from Credit Card to Bank Account? & Paid Kiya is Perfect Solutions for All Your Payment Transfer Needs.

Send Payments Method:

1. Pay to Mobile

2. Pay to Bank

3. Pay your Creditcard bill

Accept Payment Method:

1. Invoice Payment

Transfer money from Credit card to Bank account instantly through PaidKiya App.

Credit Card to Bank transfer using paidkiya

Credit card to Bank transfer

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