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Explore the Effective Benefits of Credit Card

Credit cards have a fanbase but on the other hand, also have disadvantages. Here, we will talk about the advantages of using credit cards and how paidkiya is moving upscale to offer additional assistance in using credit cards. In this competitive and fast market where payments and purchases take place every second, using credit cards is a useful alternative to your daily payment needs.

Credit Card Allows an Opportunity to Enjoy Certain Benefits

1. Highly secured alternative to cash: Carrying a huge amount of cash is always a risk, and if by chance, the wallet is stolen, then it is impossible to get back the amount. But, if you have a credit card, then even after your card is lost, you will not instantly lose money. Moreover, payments made earlier by the credit card will lead to transaction investigation, whereby the credit limit is extended for the user matching the disputed amount.

2.  Emergency crisis: As a matter of fact, a crisis is something that never comes with notifications. At this point in time, supplementary credit will be of exceptional help to the person. It does not matter what kind of an emergency befalls, but having a credit card is perpetually beneficial for obtaining cash against credit. In Emergency you can use PaidKiya App to transfer amount from credit card to bank account.

3. Extended Purchasing Power: Credit cards are serviceable for spending more than you have, or over the real income. It helps you to make big purchases which were unless not possible with cash.

4. Interest-Free Credit: With credit cards, you can take an interest-free limit on shopping. It suggests that you can enjoy shopping and other purchases if you can rightfully pay the amount within the due date.

5. Grace Time: According to the Reserve Bank of India, it is compulsory for the banks to offer flexible period or days to the customers to pay their dues. No one will be charged with any late fees three days from the date of due. Moreover, no bank can inform about the late payment to the credit information organization covering the grace time.

6. Points for Reward: There are several credit card companies offer rewards for completing transactions. A customer can redeem the points in the form of a gift voucher, flight booking, retail, etc.

7. The score for credit: One of the major reasons for possessing a credit card is the chance to have a good credit score. If you are unable to get any loan, a good score credit card will help you to sanction the loan for yourself. Moreover, there will be no generation of credit score, if you have not taken up a loan. The score is nothing but a screening about the financial shape of a person. Often, banks are apprehensive to sanction loans or lend money to those who have no record of financial behavior.

Explore Certain Credit Card Premium Benefits

Track purchases: Whenever you make transactions with credit cards, the entire statement is recorded. At the end of the month, you can check your financial statement. It will help you to plan your budget and control spending accordingly.

Premium credit cards come with supplementary advantages that are intended to contribute accessibility to the financially elite.

Games program: If you are looking for free golf rounds at courses around the world, you must have a credit card. The program is able to offer complimentary coaching sessions. Other than that the fee can be borne by the players themselves.

Concierge Services & Insurance: Multiple premium credit cards grant concierge assistance to users.  With this aid, you can make a travel program, flight, gifting, resort bookings, etc. Talking about insurance, there are a few cards who offer insurance. Multiple types of insurance are offered like a car, robbery, accident insurance, etc.

Customers have abundant options with credit card. All the payments take place in a hassle

free manner. There is no other platform who offers transactions without any restrictions like PaidKiya, and it is the best alternative for the ever growing young working professionals.

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Credit Card to Bank transfer using paidkiya

Credit card to Bank transfer

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