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Best Student Credit card – 2021

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BOB Financial Prime CashBack
Axis Bank Insta Easy Travel Rewards
Kotak Silk Inspire High Spenders
Kotak NRI Royale Signature NRI
SBI Student Plus Advantage Reward, Fuel
HDFC Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card Currency Wallets
ICICI Instant Platinum Fuel, Dining, Movie


BOB Financial Prime Credit Card

Bob Bank CreditCards to Bank transfer instantly Using Paidkiya

  • Fees:
    • First-year –Nil
    • Annual Fees –Nil
  • Key Features:
    • Guaranteed issue
      • Get PRIME against a fixed deposit of 15,000 or more without any proof of income
    • 1% Cashback on all costs
      • Earn 4 Prize points (equal to   1 on redemption) for every  100 spent
    • PRIME lifetime for free
      • Zero first year and annual fees
    • Zero Fuel Surcharge
      • 1% fuel surcharge relinquishment  for all fuel transactions between   400 – 5,000 (Max. waiver of Rs. 250 per month)
    • Multiple redemption options
      • Redeem your Prize points as cashback and other exciting options
    • Easy EMI option
      • Convert to a simple EMI of 6/12 months by purchasing> 2,500 / – on your card
  • Other Benefits
    • Free Add-on card
      • Get 3-lifetime free add-on cards for your spouse, parents, siblings, or children (over 18)
    • Built-in insurance cover
      • Get free Personal Accidental Death Cover to ensure your family’s financial security
    • Zero liability on lost cards
      • Report instant card loss to ensure zero liability on any fraudulent transactions
    • Interest-free lending facility
      • Get interest free credit for up to 50 days from the date of any purchase
    • Revolving credit facility
      • Pay the minimum amount and finance your expenses as per your convenience 

Axis Bank Insta Easy

Axis Bank CreditCards to Bank transfer instantly Using Paidkiya

  • Fees:
    • First-year –Nil
    • Annual Fees –Nil
  • Key Features and benefits:
    • Cash withdrawals
      • Withdraw cash up to 100% of your credit limit in one day.
    • Flexible credit limit
      • Get a credit limit of your choice up to a maximum of 80% of the FD core value.
    • Fuel surcharge
      • Get 1% fuel surcharge relinquishment on all fuel transactions in India
      • Refund fuel surcharges on payment at a fuel station in India
      • Valid on the transaction between Rs. 400 to 4,00 only
      • Maximum benefit up to Rs.400 per month *
      • GST charged on fuel surcharge will not be refunded
      • no reward points for fuel transactions
    • Enjoy free credit for 50 days
      • Applies only if no card is left on the account. The previous bill should be settled in full on the due date.
      • Not applicable to cash transactions.
    • Enjoy the meal
      • At least 15% discount at our partner restaurants in India
    • Get guaranteed approval
      • Axis Bank is guaranteed approval of any application for Insta Easy Credit Card.
      • Get global emergency help
      • Log in to Visa International Global Card Support Services
      • Easily report credit card losses
      • Emergency Replacement Card or Emergency Cash Advance Request that will focus on your overseas location
      • Fees apply for these services
    • Spend safely
      • Clear authentication and pre-fraud verification using a platinum chip
      • The card chip and pin are secure.
    • Buy EMI Convertible
      • For the transaction over Rs 2500, contact the bank for conversion.
    • Earn the EDGE prize
      • 6 points on household expenses cost Rs.200 each
      • Internationally, 12 points cost 200 rupees
      • 100 points online transaction on the first transaction

Silk Inspire Credit Card

MobiKwik wallet to Bank transfer Using Paidkiya

  • Fees:
    • Joining Fees: Rs 599
    • Annual Fees: Rs 599
  • Features
    • Up to 5x Reward Points:
    • Where Rs. 100 is spent on Apparels *
    • 1 prize point = Re. 1 / –
    • Minimum retail cost in the billing cycle: Rs. 7500 / –
    • More prizes
      • 1 reward for Rs. 200 spent on any other category. To earn a prize at every expense.
    • A world of offer
      • Enjoy a wide range of incredible offers and huge deals on shopping, dining, travel, entertainment, and more.
    • Fuel surcharge waiver
      • Fuel surcharge relinquishment at any petrol pump across India
    • Silk Inspiration Shield
      • If your credit card is stolen, you will get a cover of 75,000 against fraudulent use up to 7 days pre-reporting
      • You should immediately call the Consumer Contact Center (1860 266 2666) and deactivate/block your credit card to prevent abuse and register a claim with the insurance company.
    • Add-on card
      • All the benefits you get on your card also will be in the Add-on card
      • Set spending limits on your Add-on card as you wish
      • The track charges separately for each of your Add-on cards
  • Get 1, 25,000, and 4 free PVR tickets or 1000 prize points every 6 months:
    • Redemption Option 1:
      • Enjoy a maximum of 8 free PVR tickets per year
      • PVR tickets can be used and transferred to any day and any show.
      • A star passcode redeemed for online PVR movie ticket booking at
      • claim your PVR ticket within 3 months after the program ends
    • Redemption Option 2:
      • Maximum 2000 prize points in a year
      • The reward will be credited to the next billing cycle
      • The reward used for redemption options on Airtickets, Movie Ticket, Mobile Recharge, Branded Merchant.
      • You can claim your prize points within 3 months after the program ends
    • If the ticket price is Rs. 400, the difference amount will be paid by the cardholder along with the booking/convenience fee.
    • PVR tickets will not apply to customers who fall under Non-PVR Location City.
    • PVR movie tickets can only be redeemed online at PVR movie tickets cannot be redeemed at the Box office.

Kotak NRI Royale Signature

Gift Credit card to Bank transfer Using Paidkiya

  • Fees
    • Joining Fees: Nil
    • Annual Fees: Rs 1000
  • Features
    • 2x prize at international cost
      • Earn 2X reward in expenses outside India; Get 2 prize points for every Rs. 200 / – has been spent
      • 1 reward on every Rs. 200 / – spent within India
      • Collect your prize points and redeem them in a host of redemption options like movie tickets, air tickets, cash, and more.
      • 1 prize point = Re 1 / –
    • Freedom to buy and pay in INR
      • Save mark-up fees on your credit card issued outside India or in currency exchange difficulties while traveling in India
      • Enjoy the benefits of your shopping, travel, and meals in Indian Rupees 
    • Fuel surcharge waiver
      • Apply on the transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000.
      • Approval of maximum fuel surcharge waiver in a calendar year is Rs. 3500.
    • Railway surcharge waiver
      • Save Railway Surcharge relinquishment for transactions on and for transactions at Indian Railway Booking Counters. Approval of maximum railway surcharge waiver in a calendar year is Rs. 500 / –
    • NRI Royal Shield
      • If you have lost your credit card, you will get a cover of Rs. 2,50,000 / – 7 days pre-reporting against fraudulent use.
      • To prevent abuse and register a claim with the insurance company, you must immediately call the Customer Contact Center (1860 266 2666) and deactivate/block your card.
    • Add-on card gift
      • Gift an add-on card to your spouse, parents, or children (over 18) and give your loved ones
      • Add-on card will not be issued regardless of location or citizenship status
      • One-time fee of Rs. 599 / – per Add-on card applicable
    • Travel comfortably
      • Airport Lounge Access: Testimonial entry to Airport Lounge in India, comfortable seating, widescreen TV, newspapers, and magazines, enjoy free Wi-Fi.

SBI Student Plus Advantage

credit card bill payment using another credit card Via Paidkiya

  • Fees
    • Annual fee, one time: Nil
    • Renewal fee, per annum: 500
      • Applicable from the second year, only if the total purchase on the card is less than Rs. 35,000 in the previous year
    • Add-on fee (Per annum): Nil
  • Features
    • Special card
      • This is a special credit card, issued only to State Bank India customers for Education Loan.
      • You can get your SBI Student Plus Advantage Card against Fixed Deposit from any State Bank India Branch
    • Reward points
      • Get 1 prize point for Every 100 spent
      • You can use your return points to pay off the amount on your credit card
      • You can also redeem your starting point against gifts from the revised catalog
    • 0% fuel surcharge
      • India enjoys a 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver at any petrol pump in India
      • Transact Rs. 500- Rs. 3,000 each time to get a fuel surcharge waiver
      • You get a maximum of surcharge Rs.  100 per statement cycle.
    • Spend based contrast
      • No annual fee, if the total purchase on the card last year Exceeds Rs 35,000

HDFC Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card

HDFC Bank CreditCards to Bank transfer instantly Using Paidkiya

  • Fees:
    • Issuance Fee: INR 500/- + GST
    • Reload Fee: INR 75/- + GST
    • Re-issuance of Card Fee: INR 100/- +  GST
  • Features:
    • Welcome benefits
      • Amazon voucher of Rs.500 – Rs. 1000 and any other currency equivalent amount The issue fee will be waived when you load $ 1000
    • International benefits:
      • Students can use this card in 22 international currencies.
      • Get 20 paise cheaper exchange rate on loading or reloading.
      • Get an international student identity card membership.
    • The benefit of buying
      • Enjoy Dubai Shopping Voucher
      • Flat cashback of Rs.1000 when you load your HDFC Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card through your HDFC Bank Debit Card with a minimum amount of Rs.1 lakh.
      • If you reload using HDFC Bank Credit Card EMI, you can get a cashback of Rs 5,000.
    • Travel Benefits:
      • Testimonial lounge access per quarter at Indian airports.
      • Get lost cover protection at check-in.
      • Get insurance cover in case of loss of personal documents (Passport Reconstruction)
    • Insurance:
      • Rail accident (death cover) insurance.
      • Air accident (death cover) insurance.
    • Security:
      • Protection against currency exchange rate fluctuations.
      • Protection against abuse or fraud – Rs. 500,000 / -.
      • Emergency Cash Delivery Assistance.
      • Its chip and pin enabled cards for secure transactions.
      • Credit It is easy to set up PINs and other related functions through online credit card management.
    • Reward benefits
      • Get 10X reward points when you load $ 1000 and more with your HDFC Bank credit card.

ICICI Instant Platinum

MobiKwik wallet to Bank transfer Using Paidkiya

  • Fees:
    • Joining Fees: Nil
    • Annual Fees: Nil
    • Add-on Fees: Nil
  •  Key points:
    • Get interested in the amount deposited
    • Earn 2 points on spent Rs. 100 all purchases except fuel
    • 100 per month on 2 movie tickets through BookMyShow
    • Access to ICICI Bank Credit Builder Program
    • Interest rate / money charge only 2.49% p.m.
  • Features:
    • Urgent issues
      • Customers can get a card against the previous fixed deposit account or open a new one. Income documents are not required
    • Free
      • There is no joining or annual fee on this credit card.
    • Payback Rewards Program
      • Customers are automatically enrolled in Payback’s Loyalty Program. They Earn 2 prize points per 100 spent on all purchases except fuel.
    • Global Acceptance
      • Customers can receive global emergency assistance and a card replacement service is also available.
    • Finance charge
      • Only 2.49% per month or 29.88% per annum.
    • Security Features
      • The card comes with an embedded microchip that provides extra security to the cardholders.
    • Movie Offer
      • 100 on movie ticket bookings. It can be obtained twice a month. Terms and conditions apply.
    • Dinner offers
      • Get dining offers through the culinary transaction program. Users can get up to a 20% discount
    • Fuel surcharge waiver
      • 1% fuel surcharge is waived on fuel transactions not exceeding 4,000. The benefit can be availed only when ICICI Bank’s Instant Platinum Credit Card is used on ICICI Bank’s commercial swipe machines at HPCL pumps.
    • Visa Floors
      • Get discounts on restaurant meals, luxury hotel investments, lifestyle stores, spas, and more.


We give details according to specific bank data. But remember before going to pick up anyone’s Credit card must visit the respective Bank’s website. Check the details of the card like Fees, Interest rate, Rewards, etc. because it maybe changes. Hence you need to be aware of the changes happening in most out of your credit cards.

The information and services included on this Web site may include discrepancies. Paidkiya will not be liable/responsible for any decision that you may take based on such inaccurate information. Changes are periodically added to Bank’s websites.